IRDS 2016 Partners

IRDS 2016 Partners

IRDS 2016 Partners
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Tekinnova Nordic, the Swedish Brazilian Chamber of Commerce (SWEDCHAM) and Norwegian-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce (NBCC) undertake IRDS 2016, the first edition of the Survey of business Innovation and research and development (R&D) and year’s Innovation Index of Swedish and Norwegian companies operating in the Brazilian market.

IRDS has definitive value!

Its results shape actionable insights to increase Swedish Norwegian Brazilian trade and growth of business Sweden-Norway and Brazil business to business and trade relations have a deep-rooted tradition. By stepping up research and cooperation in innovation, Sweden, Norway and Brazil expect to increase bilateral business flows. IRDS brings valuable insights into a Swedish Norwegian business’s foresight in Brazil by revealing drivers that point the way to future.

IRDS PARTNERS (Coordination and Implementation)

Tekinnova Nordic AB

Through comprehensive suite of innovation and strategy consulting services, Tekinnova devises tailor-made solutions to help Nordic companies maximize their R&D investment capability in emerging markets.

SWEDCHAM (Swedish-BrazilianChamber of Commerce)

Swedcham promotes and develops bilateral connections between Brazil and Sweden.

NBCC (Norwegian – BrazilianChamber of Commerce)

NBCC purpose is to promote trade and good will, and to foster business, financial and professional interests between Norway and Brazil


Advisory Panel to provide advice on the research underlying the IRDS Innovation Index 2016, generate synergies at its stages of development, and assist with the dissemination of its results. The Advisory Panel is a select group of leading Swedish-Norwegian-Brazilian practitioners and experts with unique knowledge and skills in the realm of innovation

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