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BNDES and FINEP budgets, grants or credit
lines beneficial to
R&D and industrial projects



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    We work with our clients to help assess
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      Tekinnova Expert


      Ranking corporates and sectors through innovational Measures, sustainability, and outputs

      IRDS and IBSs Business Scans.



        R&D Tax Credit is available for taxpayers who develop, design, and improve their products, processes, and techniques. If your company engages in qualified research activities, the federal R&D tax credit in emerging markets could be significant-perhaps even enough to offset R&D expenses. Often this credit opportunity is overlooked, however, as result of competing priorities during the tax filing season and the complexity of identifying qualifying activities. Tekinnova specializes in helping facilitate projects that are seeking to utilize tax credits and a variety of other funding

        We partner with outside groups and senior experts to help Nordic companies to set Innovation management and strategy in emerging markets. Whether you are focusing on optimizing just one performance driver or are designing a new innovation program, our consultants will help you achieve your goals and early market engagement. Supporting innovation is our passion. That is why we are always keen to provide our clients with highly specialized services in innovation management and strategy. Together, we pinpoint  the path forward

        We are experts at designing specialized information through training and Business Surveys. For each engagement, we match our experts with the skills most needed for that assessment. Tekinnova offers foundational expertise to culture and assets to provide knowledge at the time of need. Program content can be tailored, through customized platforms. We offer experienced survey services in such areas as innovation research, b2b market research, industry sustainability research, including targeted surveys of the most influential thought leaders in the business arena

        STEP BY STEP

        If you want to take it to the next level, you came to the right place

        We’re in the R&D Tax Credit and fundraising business

        Have you developed Technically Innovative Products? You most likely qualify. Discover the benefits of our network.

        Our R&D Tax Credit Network

        Partnerships and professional alliances are at the heart of Tekinnova’s strategy. Tekinnova convenes a network of engaged Tax Credit services providers to help you take advantage of existing financial instruments to preserve and boost your ability to invest in R&D. Through its industry expertise, Tekinnova networks and develops with renowned partners, value-creating solutions for R&D Tax Credit and fundraising. Our partners are selected on criteria trusted and complementary expertise to our core business.

        “Lei do Bem” – the Brazilian Tax Recovery

        Do You Qualify? The “Lei do Bem”, R&D tax credit law, allows companies to deduce an average of 30% of their Brazilian income taxes IR/CSSL and IRPJ/CSLL, among other benefits, such as IPI (Tax on Industrialized Products) reduction and machinery and equipment full depreciation. Lei do Bem represents a significant financial advantage to businesses, allowing reduced tax liability. Nordic companies in Brazil qualify for the credit and can benefit significantly. When you contact us, you begin a process that allows our experts to pinpoint available research credits.

        Innovation or Grant Question?

        We select funds best matched to the project and use the experience and knowledge of our decision-makers to tailor the application to the fund requirements. We develop strong commercial cases to support applications and ensure that market engagement is a core part of any proposal. As Brazil’s leading innovation funding finance, it is our ambitions to optimize your R&D from public grants, incentives and sources.

        R&D Fundraising

        The Brazilian government has released budgets to help companies to access grants or credit lines to their innovative and industrial projects. BNDES and FINEP have released important budgets to help companies to access grants or credit lines that are beneficial to their R&D and industrial projects. Several programs exist, recurrent or punctual; among other things, within a defined innovating project scope. Contact us to benefit from the “Inova Empresa” program aimed at supporting innovation in Brazil with several sectorial sub-programs, and from other financing systems. We stand ready to partner with you!


        We’re in the innovation  business

        Sharing ideas, solving problems and developing the most promising opportunities.

        Think Innovation Managament

        Tekinnova and Partners combines consulting expertise with practical, hands-on experience of commercializing technologies and open innovation. We tackle disclosures from multiple angles, using a bottom-up approach to identify specific points of contact in the market segments. Contact us if you would like to discuss any aspect of technology transfer, or discovery-driven innovation to open new business opportunities in emerging markets.

        Technology Transfer

        Our expertise covers the full technology transfer process from assessment, development and funding to licensing and spin-out for individual pieces of IP, as well as assisting with the overall management of IP portfolios. We truly combine our clients’ knowledge with our own expertise to create impact together. We support technology transfer through industry-academia partnerships and collaborations.

        Open your Innovation

        Open up the innovation process to discover new ideas and gain smart solutions, involving your customers, your partners and your competitors. We help companies tap into the power of open innovation. We leverage our expertise in the innovation process and incorporate the principles of open innovation to help you create breakthrough new products, services and business models that drive topline growth.

        Establishing R&D Centers

        We work with companies to advise, plan and build an R&D Center from scratch or to develop and grow an existing one. We work with our customers to develop a strategic plan that includes your short-term, mid-term, and long-term R&D goals & objectives. Providing consulting services to help support our customers’ R&D change agenda, we devise programs that can help them to grow and develop, that can enable a significant improvement of business operations. Contact us to establish a new R&D Center or further develop an existing one, recruit the best-fit team, and work with them to make it a success.

        We’re in the knowledge business

        Our goal is the same as yours – creating tangible business results through effective knowledge and innovation transfer.

        What Tekinnova Expert is about?

        Tekinnova Expert is a Northern research consultancy, providing organizations with research-driven insights, including targeted business surveys of the sustainability and innovation arenas. Tekinnova Expert has developed the Innovation, R&D and Sustainability Survey Program, which includes research, analysis, and index to assist industry, market and corporate leaders in navigating the challenges and opportunities related to business-to-business. Tekinnova Expert also advises Nordic multinationals on various aspects of innovation and sustainability strategy and execution.

        IRDS the Northern Scan & Emerging Market Surveys

        The Northern Scan & Emerging Market Surveys offer a unique, collaborative platform that uses research-driven insights, including targeted surveys of the most influential thought leaders in the innovation and R&D arena. The R&D Survey and Innovation Index (IRDS) consist of a ranking Northern and emerging economies’ innovation capabilities and results. IRDS Innovation Index aims to capture the multi-dimensional facets of innovation and provide the tools that can assist in tailoring policies to promote long-term output growth, and improved productivity. IRDS is positioned well for the future, as the standard-bearer for Nordic – emerging economies Innovation Index.

        In House Training

        In-House training can provide a cost effective solution for delivery of training for three or more delegates.We can deliver any of the courses featured on our website as an In-house training solution. We can tailor these programmes to meet your needs or alternatively we can design and develop bespoke programmes based on your business ambitions, staff development objectives and procedural requirements.

        Business Communication and Intercultural Exchange

        Tekinnova Expert helps businesses develop a workforce, and maximize performance through effective language and communication skills, and the ability to connect Nordic Brazilian cultures. We offer a full range of language instruction, assessment and translation programs to meet your employees’ schedules and learning goals. Tekinnova Expert delivers language learning and cultural programs when and where you want them. Choose from face-to-face – private or group instruction.

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